giovedì, ottobre 26, 2006


Hallo to everybody, my japan tour is going super well ! Great concerts with outstanding improvisors like Masafumi Ezaki on trumpet, keiki midorikawa on cello, Kazuo imai on guitar, Shinichi san on guitar,Tamura san on trumpet,katsura san from oita and a special souvenir of the young friends from Gegege quartet which session in Tokyo`s rinky dink studio was totally great. Thanks to Suguru and Gou san ! + all the others. I`ve played in Tokyo, Chiba, Oita,Osaka.
totally great places and great music. Love and thanks too to Allan Sutherland and Hisashi san, Juinichi and Wataru from barber Shop !!! Arigato gozaimasu
Next i will play in Fukuoka New Combo and in okayama`s Iwatowake shinto shrine.

your sincerely

GG. Fukuoka / hakata October 2006