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Joraku Gianni Gebbia alto sax (Italy)
Sirone contrabass ( Usa)
Gunther baby Sommer drums and percussions (Germany)


Joraku Gianni Gebbia alto sax
Gunther Baby Sommer drums

New performance: GG plays JAN SWANKMEJER movies

New performances: G.G. plays ULTRA-Q !!!!

New performance


U L T R A - Q

Gianni Gebbia alto saxophone + mutant saxophone

Ultra Q is a world famous series of black and white short japanese monster movies from early sixties anticipating the much more famous ones of Godzilla or Ultra Man.
for info contact

Poster Tour japan 2006

My friends from gegegege Tokyo Nishiogikubo

gegegege in Nishiogikubo Rinky Dink
Rinky dink poster
tatsuhisa yamamoto in Hofu

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CONCERT SCHEDULE 2006 2007 Updated

26th Cagliari teatro alfieri New Thing , Switters + F.Pagella
30th @ Porgy and bess Wien Austria with Williamsburg Sonatas
2nd Contemporary Art Museum Strasbourg with Williamsburg Sonatas
6th plays for lovers Messina accademia filarmonica
from the 9th CAVE OF THE TIGERS EUROPEAN TOUR with Audrey Chen cello and voice
10th famalicao Portugal
11th Zdb Lisbona
12 Roma al cantiere nell'isola
13 catania @ mammuth
14 palermo gatto nero
15 Parma
16 Torino Soundtown
17 Torino Coop L'incontro
18 Hybridaspace tarcento udine
21 Ort Wuppertal Germany
22 St Luke academy Bruxelles
23 Tonne - Dresden
28 @ Gatto Nero palermo with L.Lo Bianco bass and F.Cusa drums
6th with Carlo Natoli and Francesco Cusa @ Mammuth Catania
9th with Blak kat @ Gatto Nero palermo
10th @ Bix Club trapani trio with luca Lo bianco and Francesco Cusa
12th @ gatto nero Palermo with Lino Costa guitar and Mimmo Cafiero drums
14th with MLUK in Torino World Olympic Games for handicap people
from the 16th ZEN WIDOW Usa tour East Coast
29th Banlieues Bleues paris france with ramon Lopez drums and dominique regef hurfy gurdy
from 10 to 15th with Butch Morris Bologna conduction- Angelica
26th @moramora Palermo Collettivo Cuper Santos
8th duet with R.Lo Bue + veejay - Gela (Ag)
14th Switters Mogliano Veneto Filanda Motta
15th Switters @ Bolzano jazz Festival
16th Switters @ Dobia Lab Staranzano (Trieste)
17th Trio with A:Borghini bass and Francesco Cusa drums @ Scuola di musica Ivan Ilich Bologna
18th 2 tolerance with Max Ferraresi-turntables & live el. @ Marina Romea Ravenna
9th festival Jazz a Luz france with ramon Lopez and Dominique Regef
14th with Ramon Lopez and Dominique Regef- Assier Festival France
16th Cuper Santos @ Kursaal tonnara Vergine Maria Palermo
21st Quartet Enea e Didone Caltanissetta feat. F.Guajana guitars
23rd Quartet enea e Didone in Selinunte (Ag) parco archeologico
28th Quartet with iaia Forte Tommaso Ragno and Daniele Camarda Pula Rovine di Nora -Cagliari
29th Quartet Cagliari Pula- Rovine di Nora
31st duo with Salvatore Bonafede on piano S.Maria dello Spasimo Palermo- kalsart Festival
10th GG.quartet baia del Corallo Sferracavallo Palermo
22nd Cuper Santos Brolo (Messina)
25th G:Gebbia - L.Lo Bianco-F.Cusa plays " Chien Andalou " by S.Dali and L.Bunuel Palermo kalsart -musica per gli occhi
27th G.Gebbia-M.Schiavone-F.Guaiana plays on movies by F.Leger, J.Vigo -palermo Kalsart -musica per gli occhi
28th G.Gebbia -D.Camarda plays G.Melies -palermo kalsart festival musica per gli occhi
29th G.Gebbia plays on the 5 min, short cut of " Inaugurazione linea tramviaria palermo mondello (1929) Kalasart festival
6th Cuper Santos Tonnara Kursaal kalesa Vergine maria Palermo
8th Cuper Santos csoa Ex karcere Palermo
15th Cuper Santos @ Candelai Palermo
12th solo @ MoNaka Tenjo Hall - 1-20-3-8F Monzen-Nakacho, Eto-ku, Tokyo
16th solo @ Barber Fuji - Aegeo Saitama- Japan
17th @ Candy Chiba - Tokyo -Japan with K.Miridokawa cello
18th @ Bridge Osaka with Masafumi Ezaki on trumpet
19th with Masafumi Ezaki and Shinichi Isohata guitar Osaka
20th with ge ge ge ge quartet Tokyo @ rinki dink studio Nishiogikubo Tokyo japan
21st duet with Tatsuhisa Yamamoto - Hindoyu - Hofu City - Japan
22nd Trio with T.Yamamoto and Katsura Yamauchi - Oita- Kyushu Japan
23rd Duo wit M.Ezaki trumpet @ Bridge Osaka
24th Trio with M.Ezaki trumpet and S.Isohata Osaka
28th @ New Combo Fukuoka solo and duet with Jinmei drums
29th @ Iwatowake Shrine Okayama SOLO 3.30pm
1st Recording with Shinichi Isohata guitar @ Big apple Kobe
1st Solo and duo concert with Shinichi Isohata guitar @ Chef D`oeuvre Osaka
10th Special guest @ Festival Beyond the Innocence Osaka - Bridge
14th Solo and duo with Lino Costa @ Mikalsa Festival Palermo
21th guest with Sergi Jorda(laptop/Barcelona) @ Xnosa Ersu opera universitaria Palermo
22 Gianni Gebbia quartet @ Art & Jazz cafè Catania italy
23 Gianni Gebbia quartet @ Art & Jazz Catania Italy

2007- 2007 -2007
11th Cuper Santos @ Mikalsa Palermo
24 Cupers Santos vs Imporvvisatore Involontario Catania
16 duo with marco Franco Porto Portugal
17 Cricket Totems with M.Franco Lisboa- Portugal ZDB
22 Catania workshop with P.Ninfa and N.Toscano
23 Catania workshop with P.Ninfa and N.Toscano
25 G.G. quartet " The pleausure to be temporarily straight " @ Brass Group Palermo
12th with Daniele Camarda and Ivan Segreto @ Candelai Vucciria Festival Palermo
13th-Danilo Gallo- GG- Francesco Cusa- PASSAU jazz Club Germany
14th with Xabier Irondo and Stefano Giust UDINE
15th with Xabier Irondo and Stefano Giust Colle Umberto TV
17th with Xabier irondo and Stefano Giust @ Shighera MILANO
18 with Stefano Senni and Francesco Cusa @ Osteria dei Trovatori BRESCIA
30th with kampec Delores @ Mediawawe Festival Gyor- Hungary
5th with Daniele Camarda @ The red rooma Baltimore USA
6th with Daniele Camarda Rose Live Music Brooklyn
9th Hideout Chicago with Frank Rosaly- Jason Roebke and Fred Lomberg Holm
10th Elastic Chicago with Jerome Bryerton- Carol Genetti / second set with Tim Daisy
11- with Eden Mc Nutt (sound poet) and Ben Opie guest Space Gallery/ Pittsburgh
13th solo @ I'm in the mood for food - Oakland -California
15th with Zen Widow + George Cremaschi @ New earth artist's cafè Oakland
18th duo with Pamela Z @ 21 grand Oakland Ca.
19th duo with Theresa Wong @ Eleen Fullman Studio Ninja Oakland
22nd with Damon Smith- Aurora Josephson, Willy Wynant and Scott Loney at
23th with G:Robair-Jon Raskin-Garth Powell- Kjell Nordiesson Tim Perkis @ 21grand Oakland
25th with Zen Widow Portland Music Guild Oregon
tbc. Vancouver
29th Seattle ex Polestar gallery
6th trio @ malox palermo
7th trio @ 3 zone Gela
13th trio @ Vinile Palermo
23rd The dark side of Jazz with Giovanni Verga @ Jmàl Pantelleria Island
20th Trio @ Stadio Comunale Enna
28th with Cuper Santos @ Stadio Comunale Enna
Scandinavian Tour with Joel Grip double bass
Sweden and Norway tour solo and duo with Jopel Grip
2nd Nagoya
6th Tokyo
11th Tokyo
17th Tokyo
26th Big Apple Kobe tbc
28th Takamatsu
1st Quartet @ New Combo Fukuoka
3rd tbc. Solo in Kagoshima

Concert and recording in Osaka

New concert solo and duet with avant guitarist Shinichi Isohata at Chef D`ouvre in Osaka Umeda ! Great music and great audience, great space too !
In the afternoon we did a duo recording at the Big Apple in Kobe.
It will soon come out in Japan.
Yours Joraku

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Hallo to everybody, my japan tour is going super well ! Great concerts with outstanding improvisors like Masafumi Ezaki on trumpet, keiki midorikawa on cello, Kazuo imai on guitar, Shinichi san on guitar,Tamura san on trumpet,katsura san from oita and a special souvenir of the young friends from Gegege quartet which session in Tokyo`s rinky dink studio was totally great. Thanks to Suguru and Gou san ! + all the others. I`ve played in Tokyo, Chiba, Oita,Osaka.
totally great places and great music. Love and thanks too to Allan Sutherland and Hisashi san, Juinichi and Wataru from barber Shop !!! Arigato gozaimasu
Next i will play in Fukuoka New Combo and in okayama`s Iwatowake shinto shrine.

your sincerely

GG. Fukuoka / hakata October 2006

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Amoeba records Oakaland Ca

with Toshi Makihara Philadelphia

with Anatoly Vapirov, Vitas Labutis, Petras Visnauskas - Mulhouse Jazz


with: Tim Perkis, Gino Robair and Damon Smith

with Jim Dvorak and Carlo Actis Dato

with William Hooker NY


con Louis Sclavis 1998

con Fred Frith 1991

con Baby Sommer 1989

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MUSICA PER GLI OCCHI Palermo 25-29 Agosto 2006


Palermo- Atrio di Palazzo Bonagia via Alloro

direzione artistica: Mario Bellone, Franco Marineo, Eric Biagi
musiche a cura di: Gianni Gebbia
direzione organizzativa : Maurilio Prestia

25 Agosto

ore 21: introduzione e presentazione di Mario Bellone, Eric Biagi e Franco Marineo
a seguire:

Gianni Gebbia sax - Luca Lo Bianco contrabasso - Francesco Cusa batteria

sonorizzazione di:
Un Chien Andalou 1929 di Salvador Dalì e Luis Bunuel
La coquille et le clergyman di Germaine Dulac

26 Agosto

Body Hammer . Francesco Cusa batteria- Emiliano Cinque Rui giradischi elettronica-
Carlo Natoli laptop e live electronics

sonorizzazione di:

A propos de Nice di Jean Vigo 1930
Les Ecargots di Renè Laloux 1965
Sur un air de Charleston di jean Renoir 1927

Dalla Sicilia orientale il trio Body hammer, specializzato in sonorizzazioni di film dal vivo utilizzando svariate strumentazioni elettroniche più la funambolica batteria di Francesco Cusa uno dei massimi esponenti del jazz sperimentale in Italia. Body Hammer svolge regolarmente tournè internazionali e di recente si è esibito al festival di Cerkno in Slovenia ed alla rassegna Rimusicazioni.

27 Agosto

Mederic Collignon tromba, voce ed elettronica (Francia) e Ramon Lopez batteria e percussioni(Spagna)
ospite: Gianni Gebbia sax alto e sopranino

sonorizzazione di:

Emak Bakia di Man Ray 1927
Le ballet Mecanique di Fernand leger 1924
Entr'acte di Renè Clair 1924

Collignon e Lopez sono due dei massimi solisti nel campo della musica di improvvisazione e del jazz contemporaneo in Europa. Collignon, tra l'altro fa parte del gruppo del clarinettista Louis Sclavis con il quale ha inciso il cd Napoli's walls per la prestigiosa etichetta ECM. Ramon Lopez vanta una formazione multiforme che va dal jazz al flamenco alla musica indiana di cui è uno specialista, da anni trapiantato a Parigi dove svolge un'intensa attività concertistica.

28 Agosto

Gianni Gebbia sax Daniele Camarda basso ed elettronica
ospite Francesco Guaiana chitarra ed elettronica

sonorizzazione di:
Un homme des tetes, L'homme orchstre, Nouvelles luttes extravgantes, Barbe Bleue, L'homme a la tete en caoutchouc, Voyage dans la lune 1902, Le cake walk infernal 1903, Le melomane, Le chaudron infernal , les cartes vivantes, le roi du maquillage, le thaumaturge chinois, le tripot clendestin, les affiches en goguette, le locataire diabolique.

Film muti di George Melies

Questo duo ha pubblicato quest'anno un cd dal titolo " dell'incertezza " per la geya records.
Il bassista Daniele Camarda, dopo avere studiato e suonato negli Sati uniti per diversi anni accanto a numerosi e prestigiosi gruppi è ritornato in Sicilia dove ha cominiciato una solida collaborazione come musicista ed arrangiatore della band del cantautore Ivan Segreto. Accanto a questo progetto Camarda si esibisce regolarmente in duo con il sassofonista Gianni Gebbia.

29 Agosto

ore 21.00 introduzione a cura di Alessandro Rais e Gioacchino Vaccaro

Gianni Gebbia solo sax
sonorizzazione de l'Inaugurazione della linea tramviaria Palermo Mondello 1912 di Federico Bronzetti

Presentazione delle opere tratte dalla collezione di videoarte della Filmoteca Regionale Siciliana:
Fondo Nam June Paik
Fondo tape Connection
Archivio del festival internazionale L'Immagine Leggera 1996-2001

La rassegna è organizzata e prodotta dalla Horns productions in collaborazione con il Centre Culturel Francais di palermo, Regione assessorato dei beni Culturali e Ambientali.

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SHATADOO N'deissan !

E' uscito per la Harpo records il cd di Shatadoo dal titolo N'deissan
Paride Russo didjeridoo
Nijen Antonio Coatti conchiglie, effetti elettronici
As Niang tama, djembé, voce
Massamba Niang sabar
Aladji Cunta Niang ciol
Gianni Gebbia saxofono, flauto
Vince Vasi theremin, voice

Contattare oppure

The new Shatodoo cd is out for Harpo records featuring:

Paride Russo didjeridoo
Nijen Antonio Coatti conchiglie, effetti elettronici
As Niang tama, djembé, voce
Massamba Niang sabar
Aladji Cunta Niang ciol
Gianni Gebbia saxofono, flauto
Vince Vasi theremin, voice

Mesmerizing djieridoo and shells acoustic trance lead by shells and trombone player Antonio Nijen Coatti

Contact: or

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EMYOUESEYESEE.IT- Butch Morris- conduction n.157

Gianni will be part of the new Butch Morris conduction entitled EMYOUESEYESEE.IT that will be held in Bologna at Teatro S.Leonardo on May 14th 2006. The conduction numer 157 will bepart of Angelica festival.

Here's the group:

Lawrence D. 'Butch' Morris EMYOUESEYESEE.IT (Stati Uniti, Italia)

Gianni Gebbia sax alto, sax sopranino;
Edoardo Marraffa sax tenore, sax alto, sax soprano;
Stefano Zorzanello sax soprano, flauto , ottavino;

Patrick Novara oboe;
Ramon Moro tromba;

Erica Scherl violino;
Alessandro Urso violino;
Francesco Guerri violoncello;
Antonio Borghini contrabbasso;

Elio Martuscello elettronica;
Davide Tidoni elettronica, live sampling;
Alessandro Bocci oggetti, microfoni a contatto, live sampling;
Fabrizio 'Abi' Rota sintetizzatore, live sampling;

Paolo Sorge chitarra eletrrica, elettronica;
Manuel Giannini chitarra eletrrica, elettronica;
Luigi 'Lullo' Mosso basso elettrico;

Pasquale Mirra vibrafono, percussioni;
Cristiano Calcagnile batteria, percussioni;
Fabrizio Spera batteria, percussioni;

venerdì, marzo 03, 2006

Cave of the tigers tour 2006

Dresden-Bruxelles- with Nuno Rebelo Lisboa- with Luca Venitucci Roma

CD-R LABEL : OBJET A - catalogue

Here's the catalogue of my new label:



ALTOMARIA ! with Luca Lo Bianco double bass - Toni Cattano trombone- Gianni Gebbia alto sax- Francesco Cusa drums
the ultimate street music from sicily !
objet A 02 - 5 €

MLUK with Gianni Gebbia c-melody and alto saxophones - Mohamed El Badaoui voice and percussions- Fred Casadei double bass - Vittorio Villa drums
Free Jazz + Gnawa master from sidi mimun marrakech Mohamed El Badaoui
objet a 003 price 5€

BEOGRAD Terra Arsa : Gianni Gebbia alto sax objects- Miriam Palma voice perc.- Vittorio Villa drums jewish harp
Historical live in recording just before the war @ ringring festival.
objet a 004 price 5€

THE PORTLAND TAPE Gianni Gebbia solo alto saxophone
Objet- a 005 price 5€

Gianni Gebbia alto and mutant saxophone- Audrey Chen cello and vocal
objet a 005

BACHSTAGE a semiserious operetta on the life of J.S.Bach by Gianni Gebbia: electronics, cd's, lp's, keyboards, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, voice.
Eliana Avanzato voice- Angelo Strano voice.
Surreal operetta
objet a 006 5€

ARCANA MAIOR 1.1 cd rom : visual and audio version of Arcana Maior series about tarot cards by Gianni Gebbia alto sax and images.
objet a 007 5€

PARADOXICON Gianni Gebbia alto sax - Michael Manring electric basses
recorded in Oakland Usa.
Gianni and Michael in an intense session
objet a 008 10€

objet a 009

The faboulous dj's Max Ferraresi and Fab Gregorio remixes Gianni Gebbia's solos in a surreal semi-sci-fi-lounge atmospheres.
objet-a 010

THE BARCELONA TAPE- EL NASTRO DE BARCELONA Gianni Gebbia alto sax -Sergi Jorda laptop
objet a 011

ILLICIT MIX - O Tolerance: G.Gebbia sa- F.Cusa drums- dj max dj fab electronics
objet a 012

ARCANA MAIOR cd-rom with music and video about Marseille Tarots
objet-a 013

LAGGIU' SOFFIA Gianni Gebbia sax - Carlo Natoli laptop
objet-a 014

TRIONACRIA LIVE IN LEIPZIG Gianni Gebbia- Francesco Cusa- Roy Paci
objet-a 015

DARUMA'S CALL - Joraku Gianni Gebbia alto sax plus objects and bird calls recorded in 2005 @ Sonoma State University Ca. by
Garth Powell - audiophile quality
objet-a 016

EX VOTO SUSCEPTO - Gianni Gebbia - Massimo Simonini - Tiziano Popoli- Vittorio Villa
historical recordings end of the 80's
objet-a 017

NEW THING - switters live @ La Palma Roma + wu Ming 1
objet-a 018

GIROMIRIGIRO - Gianni Gebbia alto sax - Yousif Latif Jaralla (Baghdad iraq) voice and lyrics
objet-a 019

D:SMITH-G:GEBBIA-G.POWELL-J.BLONK - live @ california dreamin' Palermo
objet-a 020

IL VIAGGIO CLANDESTINO - Terra Arsa : Gianni Gebbia - Miriam Palma- Vittorio Villa
reprint of the original soundtrack of IL Viaggio clandestino a movie by Raul Ruiz. originally published by Moremusic now out of print.
objet-a 21

coming cd's: duets with Gino Robair - duets with Stefano Giust

all items can be ordered contacting us at
Final price will be 5€ plus shipping expenses

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Gebbia Chen Tour and more

I've got a new name: Joraku

I have got a new name. Last january in Liebenau Germany Shod harada Roshi has ordained me as a lay bodisattva in the zen rinzai lineage with the name of Joraku
that means constantly enjoying the dharma or costantly relaxed and happy.

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Gianni solo in Sogenji Temple Okayama Japan December 2005

NEW ! The Anabaptyst Loop

Gianni's cd with Switters ! Pure fun

CD special offers 10€

Cd with the wizard drummer Yoshimitsu ichiraku from japan only 8€ !

Postille nel Tempo : a wonderful cd containing inussued historical recordings from Gianni and featuring people like Miriam Palma, Peter Kowald, Noel Akchotè and Benoit Delbeq 10€

NEW: Gianni Gebbia - Daniele Camarda DELL'INCERTEZZA