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CD-R LABEL : OBJET A - catalogue

Here's the catalogue of my new label:



ALTOMARIA ! with Luca Lo Bianco double bass - Toni Cattano trombone- Gianni Gebbia alto sax- Francesco Cusa drums
the ultimate street music from sicily !
objet A 02 - 5 €

MLUK with Gianni Gebbia c-melody and alto saxophones - Mohamed El Badaoui voice and percussions- Fred Casadei double bass - Vittorio Villa drums
Free Jazz + Gnawa master from sidi mimun marrakech Mohamed El Badaoui
objet a 003 price 5€

BEOGRAD Terra Arsa : Gianni Gebbia alto sax objects- Miriam Palma voice perc.- Vittorio Villa drums jewish harp
Historical live in recording just before the war @ ringring festival.
objet a 004 price 5€

THE PORTLAND TAPE Gianni Gebbia solo alto saxophone
Objet- a 005 price 5€

Gianni Gebbia alto and mutant saxophone- Audrey Chen cello and vocal
objet a 005

BACHSTAGE a semiserious operetta on the life of J.S.Bach by Gianni Gebbia: electronics, cd's, lp's, keyboards, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, voice.
Eliana Avanzato voice- Angelo Strano voice.
Surreal operetta
objet a 006 5€

ARCANA MAIOR 1.1 cd rom : visual and audio version of Arcana Maior series about tarot cards by Gianni Gebbia alto sax and images.
objet a 007 5€

PARADOXICON Gianni Gebbia alto sax - Michael Manring electric basses
recorded in Oakland Usa.
Gianni and Michael in an intense session
objet a 008 10€

objet a 009

The faboulous dj's Max Ferraresi and Fab Gregorio remixes Gianni Gebbia's solos in a surreal semi-sci-fi-lounge atmospheres.
objet-a 010

THE BARCELONA TAPE- EL NASTRO DE BARCELONA Gianni Gebbia alto sax -Sergi Jorda laptop
objet a 011

ILLICIT MIX - O Tolerance: G.Gebbia sa- F.Cusa drums- dj max dj fab electronics
objet a 012

ARCANA MAIOR cd-rom with music and video about Marseille Tarots
objet-a 013

LAGGIU' SOFFIA Gianni Gebbia sax - Carlo Natoli laptop
objet-a 014

TRIONACRIA LIVE IN LEIPZIG Gianni Gebbia- Francesco Cusa- Roy Paci
objet-a 015

DARUMA'S CALL - Joraku Gianni Gebbia alto sax plus objects and bird calls recorded in 2005 @ Sonoma State University Ca. by
Garth Powell - audiophile quality
objet-a 016

EX VOTO SUSCEPTO - Gianni Gebbia - Massimo Simonini - Tiziano Popoli- Vittorio Villa
historical recordings end of the 80's
objet-a 017

NEW THING - switters live @ La Palma Roma + wu Ming 1
objet-a 018

GIROMIRIGIRO - Gianni Gebbia alto sax - Yousif Latif Jaralla (Baghdad iraq) voice and lyrics
objet-a 019

D:SMITH-G:GEBBIA-G.POWELL-J.BLONK - live @ california dreamin' Palermo
objet-a 020

IL VIAGGIO CLANDESTINO - Terra Arsa : Gianni Gebbia - Miriam Palma- Vittorio Villa
reprint of the original soundtrack of IL Viaggio clandestino a movie by Raul Ruiz. originally published by Moremusic now out of print.
objet-a 21

coming cd's: duets with Gino Robair - duets with Stefano Giust

all items can be ordered contacting us at
Final price will be 5€ plus shipping expenses

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